HUDA Restaurant 胡大饭店

Bringing the best of Beijing cuisine straight to your tastebuds– with the freshest ingredients and condiments straight from China.

Our Signature Crayfish Dishes (Xiao Long Xia)

Speciality Mala Crayfish

Prepared with ingredients specially flown in from China, this peppery, spicy crayfish dish will definitely set your tongue and appetite on fire.

Garlic Crayfish

Garlic lovers, this is for you. Our Garlic Crayfish dish will have you licking your fingers after every bite. Fragrant and slightly spicy from the bite of the garlic, this dish will have you addicted for sure.

Chilled Crayfish

Succulent and sweet– the crayfish is prepared with fragrant Chinese wine and chilled to preserve the bounciness of the meat. A perfect dish for the summer, best paired with an icy cold beer.

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In addition to our signature Crayfish dishes, we also have a plethora of tasty Sichuanese dishes– with menu highlights such as Sichuan Peppercorn Chicken, Fresh Seafood and Sichuan-style Boiled Fish

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About HUDA

HUDA, the trendiest Lobster/Crawfish restaurant in Beijing, China, has officially opened in Singapore’s bustling hub of Chinatown. Our mission is to provide the finest Chinese restaurant dining experience for people in Singapore, delivering impeccable Chinese food and exceptional service.

Why Do We Love HUDA?

Authentic Sichuan Cuisine

Fresh, Live Seafood

Array of Exquisite Dishes

Tastiest Crayfish in Singapore

Gather Your Friends And Family, And Come Down To HUDA

VIP Suites

Our VIP suite is able to accommodate large dining parties or those looking to host corporate dinners. Do reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help!

Customer Reviews

The crawfish is phenomenal. We got the cold marinated version and the they are so fresh and tasty. Many of the dishes are exquisite and not too salty, which is a pleasant shift from most Chinese restaurants. Service staff is super attentive and friendly. Overall a great experience!
Christine A.
This was the second time I’ve been to this place and it is becoming one of my favorite places to go. They specialize in fresh crayfish. We ordered their 2PAX special and I’m glad we did. There are three different deals, but I think the one we chose was the best. The dinner includes a large tray of Mala crayfish, sautéed pork, fried shrimp balls, lychee infused cherry tomatoes, and a dessert. I don’t really know the specific names of the dishes because they were all in Chinese, but the dishes were all delicious! The crayfish were huge and you can tell they’re fresh because of how easy it was to peel the shells off. My main reason for going there was the crayfish, but I was quite pleased with the other dishes as well. My favorite was the lychee infused cherry tomatoes. They were so refreshing! A perfect dish to notarize the spicy crayfish.
Andy L
9 months ago Yummy Chinese food~毛血旺is the best! It has a lot of ingredients inside including fresh prawn, pork intestines, beef tripe, luncheon meat and many more! $27 for one portion, the price is quite reasonable. Also love the pig trotter and prawn ball, both are of a bit sweet taste, to my liking😋 will definitely go back again.


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We source and import our ingredients from China daily, and also incorporate the use of fresh, live seafood in our restaurant.
Yes, we accept bookings for large dining parties or corporate dinners, with our VIP suite being able to accommodate up to 36 pax. Kindly make a reservation 3 to 5 days in advance.
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